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April 22, 2011: “Drop The World”: The first time Eclare broke up.

April 22, 2014: “Sparks Will Fly”: The last time Eclare broke up.



Ok Clare, Drew was there for your chemo brain and to chase a rat… Eli was there during your cancer, during chemotherapy, through Asher, through Adams death and many other hardships you’ve had to face… And you break up with him…Logic please?


I’m actually content with this episode.

  • Eclare is done
  • Clew is not happening
  • Zaya is sharing ice cream 

The wave finally became clear

I’m not going anywhere.



there are two types of people



Perrie is gazing at Jade and then goes to kiss her but then she realises she’s on camera and she’s like “oh I’ll just make it seem like I was randomly sniffing her” 

Typical Perrie lol. 

And the way Jade moves away she’s like "Perrie what the hell are you doing there’s a camera"

the especially funny thing is Perrie doesn’t have a sense of smell. So she’s like “maybe they forgot so it’s ok